3 Perfect Skin Care Tools to Pair With Your Store’s Existing Bath and Beauty Stock

Skincare has been all the rage in recent years, increasing thanks to the influence of social networks, an influx of international products and pandemic care sessions. Today, many consumers are looking beyond the creams, serums, and lotions they’ve added to their routines and choosing to invest in new tools to use with these products for added benefit and luxury. Gifts & Accents editors tried out a few skincare and makeup tools to catch up on the trend and get ready for the team’s upcoming November special on skincare tools and makeup. the latest technologies and trends surrounding the category. Read on to see what they thought of three tools and brands featured in the upcoming story.

Lenise Willis’ Pick: Kitsch Face Lift Roller

Kitsch Lifting Facial Roller

Our feature article in the November issue looks at the popularity of different beauty tools, including a variety of facial rollers, which I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know were that important. So, after reading Addie’s article, I decided to buy and test a few for myself. The first one I tried was the Kitsch Eco-Friendly Lifting Face Roller, which is designed to help sculpt the jawline, lift the face, and even aid lymphatic drainage. I’ve really enjoyed using it so far, which has only been a handful of times. You can watch my essay on instagram.

Obviously, it’s too early to tell if it can really help sculpt and lift my face, but at least it really feels good! The pearl rollers glide up and down for a light facial massage, which helps me de-stress and pamper myself before bed. I also like to use it a little below my ears and jawline for a more relaxing neck massage. I was also super surprised – and ecstatic – to find that the lifting roller has a little ice roller in the handle to help with eye bags! This is something I’ve always struggled with, so I’m definitely going to put my roller in the fridge so I can take full advantage of the ice roller for my under eye area.

The roll is also eco-friendly as it is made from recycled materials and comes in sustainable packaging, plus it’s a woman-owned business. What could be better? I use this roller as part of my nighttime routine, along with my Savannah Bee Co. Royal Jelly Overnight Rejuvenation Treatment. The cream is amazing; I can really see a difference in how my skin looks and feels – so radiant and soft. After rubbing in the treatment as normal, the roller helps to further massage the cream in for deeper hydration.

#GDAfindoftheday: Deep Exfoliation Glove by Dreambox Beauty

Exfoliating glove Dreambox Beauty

Dreambox Beauty Deep Exfoliation Glove

This plant Dreambox Beauty Deep Exfoliation Glove is handmade with a unique fabric and woven design that allows users to visibly remove dead skin from their bodies with just warm water and the glove itself. Based on an ancient woven design and exfoliation practice, Dreambox Beauty suggests users take a warm bath or shower for 10-15 minutes before rubbing the mitt in firm motions along damp skin to help soften and prepare dead skin for removal and follow-up. the deep exfoliation glove with a lotion or an oil. With proper hand washing after each use, the glove can last eight to 10 weeks. According to Dreambox Beauty, regular exfoliation can promote collagen and elastin production by speeding up the creation of new skin cells to reduce acne, stretch marks and scars and help prevent ingrown hairs. It can also help remove self-tanning products and provide a smooth base for future makeup, self-tanner and other cosmetic applications.

Adelaide Elliott’s Pick: The Original MakeUp Eraser Sponge

MakeUp Eraser The Giftrap Sponge

The Original MakeUp Eraser’s The Sponge

I have been using makeup sponges to apply my daily makeup for five years now. I love everything about using them – the versatility and finish in particular – but I hate cleaning them. Cleaning the sponge completely takes forever and I often damage the sponges trying to squeeze all the makeup out of them. Despite my personal issues cleaning them, all of them regularly touch my face and get wet for foundation application, so cleaning and disinfecting is something I have to do often.

Luckily for me, it looks like I’m not the only one who hates sponges/cleaning because people at The original makeup eraser, best known for its reusable and washable makeup remover wipes, has created The Sponge, a machine washable makeup sponge formulated using the same “WashTech” technology as The Original MakeUp Eraser to help clean up makeup with a simple wash. in machine. Designed and used in application like any other rounded makeup sponge, the sponge is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, latex-free and vegan and can last up to twice as long as other less dense sponges. Washing them in the machine does not require you to use a special detergent and you can throw your sponge with other detergents without worry. The sponge is protected in the wash by both its sturdier construction and its specially designed wash ball which screws together to hold the sponge in a round cage in washing machines and dryers, the drying method preferred for sponge after-wash as superior, longer heat helps kill more germs.

On my first spin with The Sponge’s wash, I’ll admit I wasn’t impressed at all. Although the sponge was cleaned, it escaped from its wash ball cage while in both the washer and dryer and suffered a small tear as a result. My second try proved that the first time might have been my fault. I had trouble screwing the wash ball on that first time and paid special attention to closing it as tightly as possible on the second attempt with great success. The sponge hasn’t come off in the washer or dryer since that first time and I wash my sponge more often and with greater ease than ever.

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