“AITA for locking my ‘valuables’ in my house?”

Nobody likes a mooch. And it’s not just the incessant demand. Do you remember when Jimmy asked for a pencil once at school and you got it all chewed up? That’s why we can’t have nice things. Raw.

A Redditor recently took to the AITA, or Am I The A-Hole, community to ask if they were wrong to go against a mooch in a seemingly drastic way, but at this point very logical. Her boyfriend kept using her beauty products i.e. skin care products and other toiletries although he was confronted with it. This led her to buy a safe for it.

The mooch, needless to say, was anything but happy.

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You know things are getting serious if you need to buy a safe for your beauty products. No, not a burglar, just a moocher

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So, u/pinkybinderz, a 21-year-old Reddit user, has been having issues with her boyfriend for 2 years. You see, for a very long time, she has earned more than him, so she would naturally take over in some ways. He frequents the gym, so he’s also used to handling toiletries and bathroom rituals. This means that she would buy certain products for him.

As for her, she suffers from a skin condition. One that, if left untreated, could burst and cause serious health problems. Some of the products she uses, she uses for that particular condition, so needless to say, it’s vital.

A woman recently went to the AITA community to ask if she was wrong to make her toiletries inaccessible to her boyfriend through a safe

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Well, she changed jobs. And that meant money was tighter than usual. It also meant that it was no longer necessary to take the free toilet train as it had just arrived at its destination and wasn’t going anywhere else anytime soon. He was now expected to buy his own.

OP thought she had come to an agreement on this, but began to notice that she was running out of products faster than usual. She broached the subject with him several times. I thought that should be enough to get the message across.


See, talking wasn’t working – he would keep using his $220 face wash and such – so she had to take it to the next level

“AITA for locking my “valuables” in my house?  »

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The last straw was her $220 face wash, which was supposed to be used sparingly. In theory, it should have lasted him 6 months. It was to be used to manage his eczema, a condition in which patches of skin become inflamed, itchy, cracked, rough or may even blister in some cases. In fact, it’s a prescription. And if it runs out, bad things can happen to good people.

Well, after not using it for a while, she discovered it was empty. And when the boyfriend was confronted about it, his reaction was a laugh and a refusal to replace him, especially after hearing the price. So OP took inventory and deduced that she had lost $800 in 3 months in terms of products, all pointing to the boyfriend.

Since talking wasn’t working, the best thing for her was to buy a safe. But as one commenter accurately put it, “if you’re at the ‘buy a safe because I can’t trust him not to use my stuff’ stadium, just break up.” How’s that for subtle foreshadowing?

All in all, the boyfriend managed to use up to $800 worth of beauty products in 3 months, and you can see why the safe upset him so much

Image sources: pinkybinderz

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As you might have guessed, once the boyfriend found out, he lost it. He thought she was exaggerating and didn’t trust him. Moreover, their mutual friends seemed to be on his side. But none of them really understood that she had been hospitalized with a huge flare-up after running out of product.

OP provided updates once the Reddit post went viral. In these, she explained that she had decided to break up with him because there was another straw – he had taken her steroids, the ones she had been prescribed, hoping they would make him like the gymnasium. During that time, she had to find insecurities, pushes, and other unnecessary stresses that could have been avoided if he hadn’t done what he did.

From now on, OP stays with a friend. She gave him a week to move out. She concluded by thanking the community for helping her make this decision.

People online had none of that, however, as they were all for her dumping him, which she eventually did.

And speaking of the community, the AITA folks felt they weren’t at fault here. Although all the security seemed extreme, it was justified given the context. A context of disrespect and abuse, which deserves a break.

Almost everyone was suggesting a breakup, which led to one. People have done a really good job validating OP, explaining to him everything that’s wrong with the situation: his mistrust is because he doesn’t do anything to make him trustworthy; it literally flies; he ignores her pleas as someone who is meant to be a significant other; etc

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