Amorepacific Partners with Health Startup to Provide Good Sleep Skincare Products

[Courtesy of Amorepacific]

SEOUL — Amorepacific, South Korea’s largest beauty products maker, has partnered with Asleep, a national healthcare startup specializing in artificial intelligence-based analytics solutions for sleep breathing, to verify the performance of skin care products capable of helping users sleep properly.

Using Asleep’s personalized sleep diagnostic technology, Amorepacific hopes to gain scientific evidence for beauty products that promote good sleep if put on before bed. The goal is to develop products optimized for each user based on their sleep cycles and respiratory rate.

Asleep has unveiled a square-shaped, WiFi-based device that measures a user’s respiratory rate and amount of movement and rotation in bed. The Wi-Fi signal fluctuates as a person breathes and detects changes in their breathing. By placing smartphones within one meter (39 inches) of their bed, users can get results through an app.

“We will further strengthen sleep beauty product research and develop innovative products in many different fields such as health food and cosmetics,” said Amorepacific Research and Innovation Center Director Park. Young-ho, in a statement on October 21.

One of Amorepacific’s leading sleep beauty products is the lip sleep mask. American actress Sydney Sweeney has praised the product, saying it’s her essential beauty product that makes her lips look healthy while she sleeps.

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Donovan B. Sanford