Amyi offers an educational olfactory journey to Brazilian perfume lovers

Brazilians are passionate about perfume. Our country is the second world market in value and the first in volume, with a consumption in liters per inhabitant almost three times higher than that of France. Despite this, we are still lagging behind in innovation and consumers are unfamiliar with olfactory journeys, ingredients and essences. We want to contribute to the education of Brazilians in the field of perfumery,explains Luciana Guidi.

An online platform for training and choosing your perfume

For consumers, choosing a new perfume is a real challenge, and not only in the case of online purchases. “Who has never regretted their purchase after discovering that the initial smell of a perfume had completely changed half an hour after having tested it in store? It’s because we didn’t have time to understand how the perfume evolves. The top notes evaporate very quickly and the fragrance that will accompany us for the rest of the day is not the one that was smelled at the time of purchase,” explains Larissa Mota.

To facilitate the choice, the two co-founders have created an online platform that assists and educates consumers. First: customers must answer a questionnaire on their preferences, their profile and their behavior. Based on these responses, an artificial intelligence then offers a trial kit consisting of 7ml miniaturesreactive strips and online access to a training session to finalize the choice of perfume.

The next step takes place once the samples have been received and tested by the customer. You have to reconnect to the platform, where additional information on perfumes is available, with videos of perfumers explaining how they chose the ingredients, and much more. To facilitate understanding, Amyi fragrances are associated with colors, textures, sounds and memories. “We help consumers identify the ingredients and the olfactory journeys they like or dislike,explains Luciana Guidi. Once the perfume has been chosen, it is sent home in a 100 ml version.

We seek not only to innovate in the way of choosing and selling perfumes in Brazil, but also to transform the market itself. This is just the beginning. We will continue to help Brazilians learn more about perfumery in order to create truly personalized perfumes for each of our consumers, thanks to artificial intelligence,underlines Luciana Guidi.

Promote Brazilian perfumery

The fragrances are designed by Brazilian perfumers major international houses, such as Givaudan, Takasago or Symrise, but with great creative freedom. “We firmly believe in the potential of Brazilian perfumers,” says the co-founder of Amyi. “There are few perfumers in the world, but 20% of them are in Brazil. We want to give visibility to these great artists and make Brazilian perfumery a global player. reference in terms of trends,” She adds.

Amyi’s fragrances are neutral, vegan, and made with ingredients not common in Brazil, such as Egyptian Jasmine Absolute, Aged Oud Wood, Rhubarb, and Black Iris.

Towards a new in-store experience?

Brazil’s DNVB raised approximately BRL 400,000 from private investors for its launch in 2019. In 2020, it received an additional investment of BRL 1 million, enabling it to expand its product line.

Launched as a 100% online activity, which has so far been successful, the brand intends to meet new consumers by opening a kiosk in a shopping center in São Paulo. “We believe in the diversification of sales channels to reach more people, but we will only take this step if we manage to transpose the educational and sensory concept of Amyi into a physical point of sale. We are not a usual perfumery brandconcludes Luciana Guidi.

Donovan B. Sanford