Beauty brand Katherine Power Merit has a new skincare product

Katherine Power is a maximalist when it comes to launching brands. She has the Who What to Wear blog, which has spin-off fashion lines with Target; Skin care poured; and Avaline wine. But when it comes to makeup, she’s minimalist.

Last January, Power launched Merit, a makeup brand inspired by her own pared-down approach to beauty. It launched online and at Sephora, offering just a few key products designed to cut the time it takes to get ready in the morning to five minutes. Today, the brand is expanding into skincare with just one product, a $38 serum called Great Skin.

[Photo: Courtesy Merit]

The Merit cosmetics line includes versatile and multi-functional products like tinted lip oil and two-in-one concealer and foundation. In line with this approach, the new serum is designed to do many things. It serves as a primer for applying makeup, it moisturizes and makes the skin plumper and brighter. “Our goal was to see an immediate effect after applying it,” says Aila Morin, senior vice president of brand, growth and innovation.

While the beauty industry is saturated with brands and products, Merit has managed to stand out from the pack, in part thanks to its streamlined approach. Merit foundation and highlighter are best sellers in their category at Sephora. Last year, the company raised a Series A funding round of $20 million, which is a pretty big sum for a beauty brand. Now, Merit’s goal is to continue growing without creating unnecessary products.

“We try to be very restricted on the new products we launch,” says Morin. “We want every item we make to have a purpose and resonate with our customers.”

Donovan B. Sanford