Can TikTok’s forehead bandage trend prevent wrinkles? We Asked Skincare Experts

Since Botox, plastic surgery, and other expensive anti-aging methods aren’t readily available to everyone, many TikTok users have experimented with a practice they dub ‘forehead bandage.’ On the social media video-sharing app, beauty gurus recently filmed themselves as part of the trend— lift and stick parts of their face (from the forehead to the skin near the eyes to the cheekbones) in an effort to “train” their skin to naturally appear that way.

With the DIY idea garnering millions of views and searches, we contacted skin care experts for their input on whether this actually works (or not). Read on for tips and suggestions for Robyn Newmarkskincare expert and founder and CEO of Newmark Beauty, Natacha Moorcelebrity and professional makeup artist and founder of Natasha Moor Cosmetics, and Simone de Vlamingbeauty and skincare expert and blogger at Beautymone.

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First of all, what is the “Fehead Taping” trend?

If one were to type the expressions “front taping” or “face taping”, in the TikTok search boxthousands of user videos apply duct tape to their faces will appear. In these clips, people are seen lifting sections of their skin, using tape to hold it in place, then rubbing their fingers over the tape to secure it.

With some creators claiming that practicing this for a week leads them to notice fewer wrinkles on their foreheads, countless skincare experts, makeup artists and dermatologists have also turned to the app to debunk these theories. Yet the trend persists, so we conducted our own survey with the help of real skin health and beauty enthusiasts…

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Is the practice effective?

Despite what many TikTokers might say about sticking their skins and seeing noticeable differences, Newmark points out that it’s Not possible permanently train your skin stand up naturally. “Browbanding has absolutely no benefit other than short-term skin lifting,” she says, “It doesn’t reduce wrinkles or tone the skin.” In fact, Newmark says that using facial strips “very often can cause skin irritation, adding even more things to worry about.”

The trend, Vlaming acknowledges, may not be as successful as some videos show, and could even cause more disadvantages for your skin than you think. “The reason the TikTok tapping trend is so hot right now is that we’re always trying to improve our fine lines and wrinkles and this seems like an easy, quick, and non-surgical way to do that,” de Vlaming acknowledges.

However, she explains that “taping duct tape on your face won’t leave scars, but it can actually make fine lines and wrinkles worse.” While de Vlaming says the “forehead bandage” actually “trains” the skin, it doesn’t teach it to lift. It “trains” the skin to work harder, she says, and “it will eventually cause more wrinkles and fine lines.” In addition to this, de Vlaming warns and reiterates that “the tape can cause irritationredness and even rashes.

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What (realistic) anti-aging methods should you try instead?

Although you probably already know that a consistent skincare routine and a lot of Solar cream can prevent the formation of no more wrinkles, Moor says there is also another treatment you can give yourself for this purpose. “Instead of sticking your forehead like a temporary lift, try cryotherapy– an ice bath for your face,” recommends Moor. “It’s so easy and it costs nothing,” she says. “Before I go out, I prepare a bowl of ice water and soak my freshly cleansed face in it for 10 to 15 seconds,” she explains. “It cools and tightens my skin and removes redness, all temporarily, of course. After I wipe myself off, I do my makeup, that’s it.”

Newmark adds that rather than trying to get rid of wrinkles with an artificial facelift, “I would recommend using proven hacks like moisturizing.” Even if hydration alone is not enough slow down aging, Newmark says it “reduces its visible effects on the skin.” Typically, she expresses that moisturizers “lock moisture into the skin, making fine lines less noticeable.”

As a result, skin looks “much brighter and younger than it would without it,” according to Newmark. The best way to use a moisturizer is right after a bath, she continues, “before exposing yourself to outside heat and the elements.” If you have exceptionally dry and sensitive skin, Newmark considers “heavier creams” a better option for your face. Ultimately, she concludes, “some products that are proven to lock in moisture in the skin are mineral oil, glycerin and dimethicone.

Donovan B. Sanford