Catherine McBroom’s name drops from her own skincare brand: 1212 Gateway

Two years after launching her own skincare brand, 1212 Gateway, it appears Catherine McBroom has been let go by the brand after removing her likeness from the website.

Austin and Catherine McBroom are among the biggest vloggers on YouTube with over 18.8 million fans have subscribed to their channel.

Catherine launched her own skincare brand in 2020 called: 1212 Gateway. A few months later, he was met with backlash on social media for broken and damaged controls.

Now McBroom’s likeness has been removed from the the company’s website.

Catherine McBroom’s name removed from skincare website

When Catherine McBroom first launched 1212 Gateway, the Who Are We? The page featured a photo of McBroom alongside a paragraph of text describing her.

Under a “Meet the Founder” heading, the website describes why Catherine McBroom decided to start the business.

1212 Gateway

Catherine McBroom founded 1212 Gateway Skincare in 2020.

On August 18, the 1212 Gateway website was updated and the McBroom section of the website was removed.

Now it says “Meet the Brand” with a snippet from the company’s CEO.

It reads: “Our mission is to provide eco-focused cosmetics and a lifestyle that embodies health and wellness. We like transparency, we like to communicate and we certainly like to do things! I am proud to work with a talented team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to the 1212 Gateway experience. – Ian Rice, CEO”

The 1212 Gateway website now has a “Meet the Brand” section instead of Catherine’s feature.

It’s unclear if Catherine has been removed from the business altogether or if it’s just a redesign choice, but it’s clear that someone has decided to remove her from the website after two years.

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Donovan B. Sanford