Choose the right perfume | Way of life

Choosing the right perfume can be a daunting task with so many options on the market. However, according to Shellesa Steele, Promotions Coordinator at T. Geddes Grant Cosmetics, selecting the right scent is simplified once you realize it ultimately comes down to choosing what you really like.

Steele was talking with Living during a Touch of France organized by the French Embassy and its partners, held at the AC Hotel Kingston last weekend. Amid T. Geddes Grant’s testing of perfumes and rave reviews about how well the products smell, she explained that the first thing to consider is the notes in the perfume. These notes are divided into three layers, called base; top or head; and middle or heart notes, and they all work together to produce a particular scent. Certain fragrances with distinct scent notes, such as rose, gardenia, or geranium, would be classified as floral. Others might be a bit more fruity, with hints of apple or citrus. Spicy notes such as star anise or cinnamon can be found in exotic perfumes.

“When choosing your favorite perfume, you have to think about yourself; it’s about you. So if this is a case where you are a bit moody and need something to lift your mood, you need a strong and fruity scent. You also have to consider if you’re someone who wants a very strong scent or a very mild scent or something with a bit of spice, or maybe even vanilla,” she shared.

Once you have considered this, then you can start thinking about concentration. Fragrances generally come in four different levels of concentration, and the higher they are, the higher the price. Higher concentrations have a longer lasting effect.

The highest concentration is called perfume or perfume. It will usually last all day with just one application. The level below is eau de parfum, which gives about six hours of wear after application. Then there is the third level, called eau de toilette, which lasts about four hours and may require many more sprays. The fourth and lowest concentration of perfume is cologne, which usually lasts around two hours.

Currently, T. Geddes and Grant Cosmetics are promoting their 100% French SPPC fragrances and their Color Me line.

“Our SPPC line is 100% French perfume, oil-based, and Color Me is based on your favorite color and personality. My favorite is from the female line of French SPPC perfumes and is called Only Me Passion. It’s very fruity and strong. It doesn’t matter the time of day or your mood. Once you spray that, it changes everything for you,” she said.

“We have Thallium Two, it’s the best of the male line, and it’s very strong, and it can change the mood of the room. Women can also wear the scent, and when they do, it’s sure to make men’s eyes spin,” Steele continued.

For the Color Me line, the selection is much less complicated.

“When you choose [a scent from the line], you just think about your personality and your favorite color. My favorite color is neon pink, so it’s very pretty, very strong and it brings out my personality. If, say, your favorite color is blue but you’re not necessarily a bold person, we have light blue for you. It’s all based on your mood and personality,” she said.

Their scents range from $2,200 to $3,200 and up for women’s and men’s scents, respectively.

Donovan B. Sanford