Fall 2022 fragrance launches

Tory Burch

The fashion designer brings her optimistic and joyful spirit to a new fragrance collection, Essence of Dreams. Created in collaboration with Shiseido (the brand’s first range with the conglomerate since leaving Estée Lauder in 2020) and available in apothecary-like color-coded glass bottles designed in partnership with Malin Ericson, each scent represents a different feeling and dream. Divine Moon, created by Frank Voelkl, imitates peace with harmonious notes of Lady of the Night flower, citrus, honey, rhubarb and almond milk. Mystic Geranium, designed by Honorine Blanc, encapsulates joy in its olfactory form with uplifting bergamot, cedarwood and musk, as well as floral facets of geranium and lotus. Cosmic Wood, developed by Ralf Schwieger, paints an olfactory portrait of magic with the scent of cardamom, jasmine, vetiver, patchouli and sage for a herbaceous and woody scent. Electric Sky, created by Christine Hassen and Olivier Gillotin, evokes freedom with an energetic and refreshing blend of salt water, blue sage, palo santo, lavender and cactus flower. The final fragrance is Sublime Rose, a floral accented with the sandalwood molecule of Firmenich, Dreamwood, patchouli, freesia and cassis, designed by Pierre Negrin.

Donovan B. Sanford