Flowering Pharmacy® Announces Fragrance Collaboration with Ashley Campbell

Glen Campbell’s daughter, Ashley Campbell launches Lux Perfume with Flowering Pharmacy

Honoring her late father, Glen Campbell, Ashley’s Gray Morning gives fans a chance to try her sublime tea scent and support those affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

It’s a spectacular scent that I spray on my pillow every night for the most relaxing and refreshing sleep.

—Asheley Campbell

FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE, USA, Oct. 20, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — In partnership with newly launched online store, Flowering Pharmacy® (FP), musician Ashley Campbell (Vacancy Records) launches Gray Morning, a signature fragrance and home fragrance.

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 6 million Americans are currently living with Alzheimer’s disease. Ashley Campbell knows this all too well. His father, famed cross-over country crooner and “Rhinestone Cowboy” singer, Glen Campbell, died after a six-year battle with illness in 2017.

The youngest of Glen’s eight children, Ashley grew up playing music with her father, developing her own unique musical talents and proving to be a star in her own right. Virtuoso singer-songwriter and accomplished banjo player, Ashley is currently touring the UK with guitarist Thor Jensen, as the dynamic duo Campbell Jensen. On their first outing, the duo played sold-out shows and received rave reviews across the British Isles.

Ashley bolsters Alzheimer’s defense with Gray Morning
Ashley is a passionate advocate for Alzheimer’s patients, families and caregivers around the world. To continue his efforts, a portion of Gray Morning’s profits will go to the fight against Alzheimer’s disease.

“Inspired by Ashley’s favorite morning tea, Early Grey, and reminiscent of European coffeehouses, Gray Morning opens with a fresh, spicy composition shaped by the long-lasting tea note of Mate Absolute and Italian bergamot. The beans black peppercorns and specially selected juniper berries beautifully underline the woody, creamy accords. It’s not ostentatious, rather stylish and radiant,” says Karen Sinclair Drake, Head of Strategic Development, R&D.

In Ashley’s own words “It’s a spectacular scent that I spray on my pillow every night for the most relaxing and refreshing sleep.”

Flowering Pharmacy’s Thriving Partnerships
Founded by long-time beauty industry experts Karen Sinclair Drake (Co-Founder, Strategic Development, R&D) and Paul Drake (Co-Founder), Flowering Pharmacy® reinvents the way artists, athletes and influencers bring their wares to market.

“Historically, artists who want to bring their own personal care or beauty products to market have jumped through hoops only to find out later that it’s not truly personalized,” explained co-founder, Strategic Development, R&D, Karen Sinclair Drake. “Our approach, however, allows the artist full autonomy throughout the process to collaborate with design, packaging, naming, and even to which charity who can serve as a partial benefactor, if desired. “

The founders of FP leveraged their 20+ calendar years in the beauty industry to ensure a simple process. Talent receives up to fifty percent ownership in the product of their choice without incurring out-of-pocket costs. When creating a scented product, the artist determines their fragrance profile, then the elements are harvested from farms run by women around the world to bring only the highest quality Fair Trade certified ingredients to the production. Green science formulations are then crafted by some of the finest perfumers in Italy and France, resulting in an American-made end product that highlights distinct characteristics, showcasing premium quality. The result is a pure original luxury fragrance that can be used in various verticals and sold directly to consumers in multiple ways and through the Flowering Pharmacy.® website.

FP also launched fragrances in cooperation with St. Jude’s Childrens Research Hospital® and MusiCares®, with a number of other partnerships to be announced in the coming weeks. Along with fragrances, FP’s offerings also include cosmetics, skincare, and haircare products, as well as candles, room sprays, and more.

For more information on Ashley’s new fragrance and other FP artist collaborations, contact Paul Drake.

Founded in 2022, Fleurie Pharmacy® (FP) offers award-winning bespoke luxury items born from unique collaborations with members of the entertainment industry. FP uses only green science formulations, is a strong advocate of conscious production practices and adheres to rigorous European standards, including the Green Deal. Co-founder Karen Sinclair Drake is an ecochemist, scientist, and author who has spent her career exploring multiple ethical, sustainable, and green scientific principles through her innovative skincare research and development. For more than two decades, Karen has created beauty products for their own brands, doctors and major corporations, with her husband and co-founder, Paul Drake. She is a media-available subject matter expert who is regularly featured internationally in industry and beauty publications. To learn more, visit bloomingpharmacy.com.

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