Foundation Skin Care Review: Best Products to Try from Products Created by Dermatologists

When shopping for skin care products, what are you looking for? A celebrity-backed brand you recognize? A packaging that catches your eye? Many people make these two mistakes when looking for moisturizers, cleansers, and other skin care products. Instead, you should start by figuring out who formulated the product you’re looking at — and if it wasn’t formulated by a doctor, should you trust them enough to put it on your skin? Find out why Foundation Skincare has quickly become the favorite brand of skincare enthusiasts everywhere. Check azelaic acid creamWhich one is recommended for acne, rosacea and hyperpigmentation. Its power is to soothe and manage without irritating the skin like so many serums and gels.

Who is Skincare foundation?

Foundation Skincare may not be an instantly recognizable name. Rather than spending thousands of dollars on advertising, the brand has devoted its resources to one task: formulating the best skincare products available. This commitment to quality has made Foundation a cult classic among skincare fanatics. The question remains, however: who exactly is Foundation?

Foundation Skincare was founded in San Diego to combat the growing tide of poor quality products. Many items you find at the drug store are filled with parabens, phthalates, and other ingredients that pose a serious risk to your health. The foundation began when two skincare professionals – a licensed pharmacist and a board-certified dermatologist – decided to collaborate on a solution.

These partners shared a commitment to quality that transcends aesthetics. While skincare should obviously make your skin look beautiful, it should also support your health and well-being. This idea remains central to the philosophy of the Skincare Foundation and to every product created by the company. Today, its products are expertly produced in a GMP-certified cosmetic laboratory. This means that the establishment meets the highest quality standards.

Unique hair serum formula

Foundation Skincare started making waves in the beauty industry immediately after its inception, but it wasn’t until the introduction of its flagship product that the brand earned its reputation. This product, Foundation Skincare hair serum for growth, revolutionized the hair care market and made the brand famous among many beauty addicts. This fame was well deserved – the hair serum instantly became one of the brand’s best-selling items thanks to the incredible results and the unique formula.

Hair serum results have surpassed many other hair growth products. In just one month, people started reporting that their hair was longer, thicker and healthier than with other products. After several months of constant daily use, the results were even more impressive – some said they had gained several inches of hair growth!

The exclusive formula of the Hair Serum is the source of its success. Most hair growth serums use a few ingredients to stimulate the scalp and improve blood circulation. Foundation Skincare Hair Serum does more – it uses unique ingredients like sodium DNA, saw palmetto extract, olive leaf extract and capsicum extract. These ingredients promote hair growth, but more importantly, they support scalp health. This facilitates hair growth and minimizes the chances of hair loss due to weak hair follicles. Examine hair growth supplements for men & women for more information.

Donovan B. Sanford