Fragrance Makers Applaud Congress’ Efforts to Modernize Cosmetics Regulations

Fragrance Creators supports Congress’ recent efforts to modernize cosmetics regulations, furthering its commitment to responsible industry stewardship.

In a recent statement sent to Congress by Farah K. Ahmed, President and CEO of the Fragrance Creators Association, he highlighted the organization’s commitment to putting safety first and how they work to promote safe use of fragrances in products and backed by best-in-class science-based guidelines.

“We are proud of our industry’s excellent safety record, but also recognize that key statutory provisions authorizing Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation of personal care products have not been updated since over 80 years,” the statement read. “We recognize the need for an update to ensure the FDA has the appropriate authority and resources it needs.”

He added that Fragrance Creators is the voice of the fragrance value chain and stands with its industry partners, the Personal Care Products Council, the Independent Beauty Association and the Consumer Healthcare Products Association to advance the responsible management of the industry.

“We applaud Congress’s efforts to modernize federal cosmetic regulations and urge all parties to find a solution that creates a comprehensive, uniform national framework that advances science, safety, innovation, and consumer confidence.” , the statement said. “We look forward to seeing this legislation passed this year and building on our strong partnership with the FDA to advance cutting-edge scientific methods in fragrance safety. We will continue to work with legislators, including the Congressional Fragrance Caucus, related trades, and all interested stakeholders to achieve our shared goal of modernizing the FDA regulatory framework.

Donovan B. Sanford