Givaudan launches enhanced MoodScentz+ oral care fragrance and flavor design program

Givaudan has announced the launch of the enhanced MoodScentz oral care fragrance and flavor design program, MoodScentz+.

MoodScentz+ is designed to redefine our understanding of emotional experience while introducing a new measurement capability in neurobiology based on deep data mining.

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Designed to offer perfumers and oral care flavorants the ability to create compositions that positively enhance emotions, MoodScentz+ technology covers a wide range of positive moods including: Relax & Unwind, Invigorate & Recharge and Happy & Blissful . MoodScentz+ is based on a creative design of patent-pending oral care fragrances and flavors based on combinations of ingredients with specific science-based and consumer-proven mood benefits.

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The research behind MoodScentz+ would include:

  • Mood-enhancing oral care fragrance and aroma design algorithms covering a wide olfactory palette and supporting all product categories;
  • Real-time emotional response measurement using new brain imaging capability InSituScanz; and
  • Scientific validation with over 7,000 people through a combined approach using InSituScanz, verbal and non-verbal techniques.

MoodScentz+ is designed to enable the identification and creation of solutions to deliver a new emotion map for scent and taste. The enhanced platform expands the potential for mood enhancement across all scented product categories and oral care flavors.

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Donovan B. Sanford