Growing contract manufacturer now brings expertise to fragrance formulation

VINEYARD, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Award-winning contract manufacturer Dynamic Blending adds perfume and cologne manufacturing to its product offering. Production on these lines began in mid-August with small and large quantity orders available.

“We saw a need in the industry and we’re happy to fill it,” said Gavin Collier, co-founder and director of Dynamic Blending. “We will continue to serve individuals, large and small, who want to get into the fragrance business by removing barriers to entry and simplifying the entire process. Our focus on quality ingredients and creating a seamless customer experience continues, and we look forward to working with customers to develop their fragrances, from formulation to packaging to marketing.

To take the process from concept to final product, customers meet with the formulation team to create a custom fragrance, choosing from dozens of fragrance families to create a unique new aroma. If the customer has a specific scent in mind, Dynamic Blending can also help recreate the scent. Using the highest quality ingredients, the formulation team develops the perfect blend to match customer preferences.

Once the fragrance is created, the R&D lab creates a prototype which is tested for a number of factors including safety, appearance, color and smell. The client can then make comments and suggestions on what they would like to change. These steps are repeated until the perfume reaches perfection. Once the scent is finalized, the client works with the packaging and marketing teams to choose the most appealing packaging options for the scent, then develops a marketing plan to deliver it to customers.

For more information on fragrance formulation or to get in touch with Dynamic Blending to start formulating a new fragrance, visit the fragrance section of their website.

About dynamic merging

Dynamic Blending Specialists is a full-service turnkey contract manufacturer of cosmetics, personal care, skin care, dietary supplements, nutraceuticals and more. Our team is comprised of industry experts with extensive experience in cosmetic chemistry (R&D), formulations, manufacturing, packaging, shipping and quality and can take a product concept from formulation to manufacturing and packaging, shipping and even marketing. Dynamic Blending sets itself apart from others by offering low minimum order quantities and fast turnaround time for product formulation.

Donovan B. Sanford