HatchBeauty x Dollar General launch 2 brands using Trendalytics

HatchBeauty Brands has launched two body care brands at Dollar General, Scent Happy and 5 Deep Breaths, which are debuting at 18,500 doors.

The brands were developed leveraging the Trendalytics consumer analytics platform, HatchBeauty, acquired in 2021.

Scent Happy is a fragrance-inspired body collection featuring over 40 SKUs, including body lotions, hand soaps, body washes, and bath bombs. Its flavor variants include Sugar Dream, Citrus Sunrise, Coconut Coast, Summer Berry and Rresh Bloom. Prices range from $1.00 to $4.00.

The 5 Deep Breaths collection includes body creams, shower sprays, bath oils and cleansers, and body scrubs. Its three fragrance variants, developed using market data from Trendalytics, include Relaxing Eucalyptus and Tea Tree, Calming Lavender and Camomile, and Restoring Rose and Vanilla.

Data from the platform reportedly “showed consumers are more interested in the bath and body categories”, with bath bombs posting a weekly search volume of 66,000 (up 21% year-on-year). ‘other).

Searches for steam showers increased by 50% at the same time, while body scrubs saw above-average weekly searches.

Trendalytics has also discovered a strong interest in avant-garde products, including notes such as orange blossom, vanilla, coconut and sweet notes.

Scent Happy is a fragrance-inspired body collection featuring over 40 references.

The projects serve as a new template for retailer collaborations, with HatchBeauty providing data analysis, formula development and sourcing, packaging and merchandising design, inventory planning and management, and regulatory review.

“It’s an exciting time at HatchBeauty,” said Ken Vargha, CEO of HatchBeauty Brands. “This launch and partnership with Dollar General represents the first in a series of innovative products and brands that we will bring to market throughout 2022, and into 2023 and beyond, as we leverage insights from Trendalytics on consumer behavior.

“Using the Trendalytics platform, we have identified a spike in trends and opportunities in personal care, bath and body,” said Kristin Bibb, Vice President of Sales and Brand Development at HatchBeauty Brands.Our in-house creative and brand development teams then worked in conjunction with Dollar General to develop Scent Happy and 5 Deep Breaths. »

Global cosmetics industry recently spoke with Bibb about the launches.

How does Trendalytics help drive product/brand development?

Bibb: Trendalytics helps drive product and brand development as we’re able to stay ahead of the curve by capturing new, fast-emerging trends through millions of data points from Google searches, social media, and data on the e-commerce market, which gives us the advantage of bringing products to market faster than our competitors.

We save hundreds of hours of comp buying, analysis paralysis and website scrolling with just a few clicks thanks to our Trendalytics platform.

With Trendalytics, we are able to boost conversion and minimize markdowns for our shoppers by timing product deliveries by analyzing consumer shopping habits by region and season.

What were the main drivers for the development of 5 Deep Breaths and Scent Happy?

Bibb: When developing the brands, we made sure to infuse recognizable ingredients that shoppers know are good for their skin, as well as scents that elicit memories of pleasure, nostalgia and relaxation.

It’s rare to find such thoughtful, performance-driven formulas combined with beautiful packaging at such an accessible price. Our goal was to create something eye-catching and special to fill that void for the Dollar General buyer.

Scent Happy focuses on a well-balanced collection of happy scent profiles that take the user to a brighter and more joyful place, while 5 Deep Breaths is really focused on aromatherapy-inspired scent profiles that seek to add a little restoration, appeasement and de-stressing themes to everyday life.

Donovan B. Sanford