Hero Cosmetics skincare saves more than acne, says ‘OK’ editor

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While first impressions are always important, there’s often more to beauty brands than meets the eye, a notion that has helped OKAY!e-commerce editor Haley Gunn discover her latest skincare obsession, Hero Cosmetics Brightening Wand.

Although Haley has been a fan of the brand iconic Mighty Patch button patcheswhich boasts a nearly five-star rating on Amazon, the writer says she was surprised to learn that the company’s offerings extended far beyond their signature acne-fighting products.

I noticed Target was starting to sell more of their products and realized the brand was more than just button patches! ” she shares. Coincidentally, this epiphany came just in time – Haley had recently found herself in the market for a product to help her “treat dark spots, including dark circles under her eyes”. Luckily, the company’s Lightening Wand managed to meet that daunting challenge, at least on paper.

“I came across the Hero Cosmetic[s] line and the Lightening Wand appealed to me because I was curious what it was,” recalls Haley. “All of the reviews were amazing,” she says, noting that several entries featured worthwhile before and after photos. “It’s not always included in skincare reviews, but it definitely helped me make the purchase decision.”

And it looks like the photos featured in these reviews were worth over 1,000 words, offering real insight into the wand’s effectiveness in banishing discoloration.

“From the first use, I noticed a difference in my brown melasma spots,” says Haley, noting that application was “super easy” from the start thanks to the product’s rollerball packaging, which also ” feels good and refreshing.”

“The roller doesn’t apply a lot of product, but it doesn’t take much to get results either,” she continues. Along with providing stellar results on its own, Haley says the product also works well with others. “I applied it on top of my other skincare and SPF and had no pilling or quirkiness either!” she says.

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Donovan B. Sanford