Huda Beauty to launch a new makeup and fragrance line in the UK

Huda Kattan collaborated with her sister Mona on a new beauty collection, after being inspired by her family to launch her brand Huda Beauty

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Huda Kattan, CEO of Huda Beauty, 38, spent her youth helping her sister Mona prepare for pageants.

Now the sisters have teamed up to create LoveFest, a makeup and fragrance line that combines Huda’s beauty line and Mona’s Kayali brand.

“I’ve always been passionate about makeup and skincare, I love what I do,” Huda told NationalWorld.

“I started Huda Beauty from a place where I felt there was no one who looked like me and wanted to offer my makeup experience and artistry to provide everyone who looked like me with tips and tricks that they might find useful or interesting.

Huda Kattan and her sister Mona have released their first sister collab (Pic: Huda Beauty)

“Mona was truly the princess of the family when we were growing up and I loved being with her backstage at her pageants, perfecting her makeup, helping her with her hair and making sure she felt the most beautiful. and the best.

“I think that’s when I really realized the power of beauty and the role it plays in empowering us to be ourselves.”

Huda, who is one of four children, started her cosmetics company in 2013. The company generated $510 million and she started a sister skincare company called WISHFUL.

The Huda Beauty brand started as a blog in 2010, after the mother-of-one was advised by another of her sisters to start a makeup tips and tutorials site.

Huda Beauty and Kayali’s LoveFest collaboration (Photo: Huda Beauty)

Thanks to a loan from a family member, the blog took off and the Huda brand was able to start with a line of false eyelashes that were successfully sold in the American store Sephora and even worn by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian.

Huda said, “Family is what made Huda Beauty what it is today – without my sisters, my parents and my husband, I don’t know where I would be today.

“They have been my rock throughout this process and I wouldn’t want it any other way. When we started, there were nights when the whole family and I were on the floor packing eyelashes – real teamwork.

“Family is everything to me, so I’m so happy to be able to share this experience with them too. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when we argue or disagree, but that’s family. and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

The family is at the forefront of the cosmetics brand as Huda’s husband, Christopher Goncalo, acts as COO, while Huda’s other sister, Alya, manages social media accounts. .

Not only has the Huda Beauty brand amassed 50.9 million Instagram followers over its nine-year run, but Huda has also gained a massive following of 2.5 million itself.

In the biography of the American makeup artist, she declares that she has “enough [of] photo editing and filters”.

She continued, “I think social media today is much more harmful than it used to be. Before, it was a place where you could express yourself freely, without limits. But now people are obsessed with how they look.

“The problem with social networks is that we live our life through them, through photos that often do not represent reality and it is as if they determine our value.

“When I was little, I bought mascara because I wanted lashes like the models, only to find out she was actually wearing fake lashes. And I said we would never lie to people.

Along with an open policy with Huda Beauty, Huda’s WISHFUL skincare line puts honesty first.

“When we launched WISHFUL, the campaign was with me as the protagonist with no filters, no makeup, no touch-ups, just my skin as it is,” Huda said.

“It was a big step for the brand, but also for me personally, because I felt so insecure at first, despite being used to being in front of the camera, but without makeup, I felt vulnerable.

Huda’s sister skincare company WISHFUL also prioritizes honesty when it comes to beauty standards (Pic: Getty)

“I then saw the photos and said enough, I don’t need anything, I’m a powerful woman – I wanted to be free from all the pressures that come from social media, from the beauty standards that we say how we should be. And that’s what we intend to do with Huda Beauty.

“My photos may not be perfect, but they are real. And this is the most important. »

With the family forming the foundation of the million dollar beauty empire, Huda also seeks to convey the same sense of community to her daughter Nour Giselle and her audience at Huda Beauty.

Huda Kattan, Mona Kattan and Huda’s daughter Nour (Pic:Getty)

Huda said, “My 11-year-old daughter inspired me a lot, it’s hard to be a kid these days. I think the beauty industry isn’t doing enough.

“I don’t know what the right path is, sometimes I wish I could do more to inspire confidence in young women, but I want to start by being honest, showing myself how I am.

“At the end of the day, it’s about appreciating everyone for their individuality, understanding expectations…to make people the best version of themselves and not make them someone else.”

When asked what beauty means to her business, Huda said, “We are a beauty company that believes everyone is beautiful, whether you wear cake or no makeup, you are your own standard. of beauty.

“If we can continue to create products that our community wants and loves, that’s great, and if we can inspire people to believe in themselves and have fun with makeup, where and if they want, that’s great. the best.

“Above all, I want to try to make a difference in our industry, to empower people to believe in themselves and feel beautiful for who they are. For me, real beauty is in our differences, we so we have to get rid of the traditional beauty standards that almost no one matches.

Huda has worked with a whole host of famous faces as a makeup artist, including Eva Longoria and Nicole Richie.

Eva has worked with Huda in the past.

Now, LoveFest sees Huda working alongside her sister Mona as the collaboration brings fragrance and makeup products to stores around the world.

Huda said the line was one of her favorites and the sisters “always” wanted to produce.

“The partnership allowed Mona and I to work together on something we would both love and enjoy. The collection was inspired by sunsets, enlivened by the beautiful shades of orange, red, purple and brown. is so fun and versatile that you can use it every day but also when you want to glam and party.

“It has always been my dream to share our brand with as many beauty lovers as possible around the world and when we launched in the UK it was a real pinch moment for me! We have such a loyal fan base in the UK and I couldn’t wait for them to join us on the Huda Beauty journey.

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