In-Cosmetics Asia returns in November

In-Cosmetics Asia, Asia-Pacific’s premier event for personal care ingredients, returns November 1-3 at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Center.

The event will feature over 400 exhibitors, including over 60 new exhibitors.

Innovations of new products and exhibitors

Offering a fresh perspective on cosmetic ingredients that are safe to use and better for the planet, Carbonwave will demonstrate the world’s first algae-based cosmetic emulsifier, SeaBalance 2000. The ultra-regenerative plant-based advanced biomaterial, which has been co-winner of Best Ingredient (Functional) at the In-cosmetics Korea Awards in July, offers a highly versatile all-natural emulsifier. It works in cold processes with broad spectrum performance in a wide range of applications.

Further emphasizing how natural and sustainable alternatives can replace synthetic ingredients, another new exhibitor, AVT Natural, will announce two new products – AVT QG40 and AVT QG90 – made with quercetagetin extracted from the marigold flower. Sustainably sourced and processed using green solvents, this powerful flavonoid component is known for its therapeutic, antiparasitic, antimalarial, anti-inflammatory, antitumorogenic, and antiviral effects. It is ideal for use in skin and hair applications.

Championing industry efforts to embrace sustainability, Eurofragrance will showcase new fragrance creations in innovative and sustainable applications, such as Confetti Soap and Solid Conditioner. It will also showcase a collection of eco-conscious products with vegan, sustainable and eco-certifiable fragrances – the Sensolab Collection – which combines innovation and sustainability in applications that seek to inspire and enhance consumer experiences.

The Elixens Group will present its new aromatic raw materials: organic lemon savory essential oil, organic lemon savory hydrosol, organic calendula and meadowsweet macerates. It will also highlight a wide range of quality natural ingredients that demonstrate the company’s commitment to sustainable development. Vital-Chem will introduce its natural skin replenishing ingredient, Shikonin (Shikon extract) which promotes wound healing and eliminates acne and acne scars, while ROELMI HPC will introduce attendees to its microbiome-focused ingredients for the well-being of the skin. This includes a trio of products including its non-GMO biotech metabolite ÆCTIVE; Ingredient derived from EquiBiotics LRh probiotics; and Ener-GY, a cellular energy-inducing active designed to optimize mitochondrial activation.

Kobo, Croda Singapore and more demonstrate science and nature

Croda Singapore will celebrate science and nature with a trio of new products, including Sederma’s active ingredient BB-Biont(tm). It preserves the biodiversity of the skin microbiome while stimulating skin reconstruction and avoiding inflammatory skin lesions. Also available at the booth will be Glucohyami(tm), a natural glucosamine sourced from fresh chicory root grown sustainably and ethically; and Nutrinvent(tm) Balance which uses new encapsulated technology to deliver targeted delivery of actives to the scalp to effectively reduce sebum.

Forestwise, the supplier of sustainable ingredients, will present its organic Kukui FFL nut oil, produced from wild raw materials. Available for the first time in fair trade and organic quality, it can be used as a moisturizing agent and in hair care as a protective oil. Meanwhile, Kobo will introduce its KoboGuard Natural 2063 oil-soluble film-forming agent, extracted from pine wood. This resin is highly hydrogenated, exceptionally pale and has exceptional resistance to oxidation and discoloration. It is tested against allergens, which makes it particularly suitable for use in products in contact with the skin.

Participants can also test and try Rahn’s new Myramaze essence. The sensocosmetic active revitalizes the skin using all the senses: its fragrant compounds can lighten the mood even at low threshold concentrations. Elsewhere, LipoTrue will help participants discover how to combat three different types of stress: ‘phystress’ which depletes the body’s energy; “emostress” which puts pressure on the mind; and “environmental stress” caused by external aggressors.

Driven by the growing clean beauty movement and helping to demonstrate how to recycle unwanted by-products to create whole new ingredients, Sensient Beauty will highlight its Natpure Xco Choco CC864 – an extract made from cocoa husks discarded by the chocolate industry. This water-soluble extract is 100% naturally derived and contains antioxidant properties that can be used in skin care, hair care, and personal care applications. It will also showcase its Sensisorb Biomim, which mimics the properties of mycosporin-like amino acids (MMA). It offers UV protection with SPF booster properties, color and fragrance protection and complies with Thai and US national park regulations.

Innovation Zone, Best Ingredients Trophies

The Innovation Zone of the show will be sponsored by Mibelle Biochimie. Over 70 new innovative ingredients and formulations will be on display. Exhibitors include Croda, Ichimaru Pharcos and Chemyunion, who will join to facilitate sourcing opportunities for attendees.

This year, the “Spotlight On” product exhibition will focus on three developing sectors: fragrances, healthy skin and make-up. Attendees can experience a wide range of formulated ingredients related to these popular product categories, with exhibitors such as Cargill, Givaudan and DSM confirmed to provide attendees with a hands-on, live sensory experience.

The In-Cosmetics Asia Innovation Zone Best Ingredients Awards will also return, celebrating cutting-edge ingredients launched since March. Gold, Silver and Bronze awards will be given to vendors who have helped cosmetics manufacturers push the boundaries of innovation over the past six months. Categories will include Active and Functional as well as Spotlight On’s best formulated ingredients focused on healthy skin, makeup and fragrance.

Registrations are now open here.

Donovan B. Sanford