Indie Pioneers Podcast: Why Online Channels Can Boost Fragrance Sales

Rajiv Sheth is the founder and creative director of All Good Scents, an India-based fragrance house. Sheth founded the brand in 2013 after studying perfume in France for over a decade.

Sheth developed the brand with the ambition of establishing a truly local Indian perfume house and “modernizing perfumery in India”.

Building on the booming trend of online retailing at the time, All Good Scents was launched exclusively online, which Sheth says was one of the biggest challenges at the time.

Without bricks and mortar, the company devised a try-before-you-buy system, Scentbox, where consumers could sample three scents for INR 199 ($2.70).

Sheth told CosmeticsDesign-Asia he thinks this system is the best way to try out fragrances before buying them.

“Online is a convenient and probably the best way to test a perfume… When you go to sellers, they give you something to smell and you make a guess based on the top notes and you buy it. Then when you go home, it’s not what you had at the store anymore, because the perfume has evolved.

“With the online and sampling activities we do with our discovery sets, people have their own time to test our fragrances so they can test them for a few days. They think about it and if it really works on their skin, they come back. I think the idea of ​​reviewing a fragrance at home works best because there’s no buying pressure at the time.

According to Sheth, about 20% of consumers who have purchased the company’s discovery sets come back to buy the full bottle.

While the company primarily operates in India, Sheth’s ambitions are to take the brand globally eventually.

The idea is to build this brand more like a local Indian brand, with an international perspective and hopefully someday release India’s story,

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Donovan B. Sanford