LaJeanell Launches a Set of Duo Skincare Products for Men

LaJeanell, a clean beauty brand founded by former model and beauty expert Shirley Powell, has launched a Duo set of men’s skincare products including its skin-protecting daily sunscreen and Simply Thirst moisturizer.

LaJeanell offers both gender-neutral skincare and cosmetics that are safe for sensitive skin and formulated with quality, high-tech ingredients. The brand offers dual-use products that are healthy, vegan and sustainable, resulting in a youthful appearance.

“If you’ve always wanted to achieve attractive, glowing skin, LaJeanell’s Duo Diet is ideal because the anti-aging skin treatment contains topical antioxidants that provide photo-protection and block oxidation and inflammation,” advises Powell.

Skin protecting daily sunscreen

LaJeanell Daily Sunscreen contains a powerful blend of Zinc Oxide which provides the skin with a physical barrier to prevent UV rays from penetrating the skin and causing cell damage. Aloe Vera is added to help skin retain moisture.

Simply Thirst Moisturizing Cream

LaJeanell’s unique hyaluronic acid cream works to prevent skin discoloration while preventing darker spots from appearing and maintaining an even skin tone. The formula also hydrates the skin with multi-layered hydration providing intense elasticity.

“It’s never too early or too late to nourish and protect your skin,” Powell says. “Our men’s duo is combined with a simple and effective daily routine designed to keep you looking young.”

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Donovan B. Sanford