MaXXa uses CBD to revitalize skincare routines

MaXXa is Allied Corp’s popular cosmetics brand that uses CBD to fight the aging process and help consumers maintain smooth, glowing skin

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida., April 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Allied Corp is an international organization dedicated to providing targeted support to people struggling with a variety of health and wellness issues. Allied operates as an umbrella company for several internal brands. Each enables Allied to deliver elite, science-based healthcare solutions that address specific issues. All of these products are legal for sale in the United States because they are below the 0.3% THC threshold.

One such brand is Allied’s cosmetics and beauty brand, MaXXa. Each product in the cosmetics and beauty brand’s growing catalog focuses on enhancing beauty and managing anti-aging skincare symptoms. As with all Allied Corp brands, MaXXa uses natural hemp-infused formulas to deliver unique cosmetic solutions to its customers.

CEO of Allied Corp Calum Hughes describes the main purpose of the MaXXa brand, stating that “all SKUs in the MaXXa product line are exclusive products that we have spent a lot of time tailoring for those with different skin care needs. The wide choice of options allows each person to choose the items that will be especially useful to them.”

There are currently half a dozen unique products in the MaXXa catalog, each targeting a different area of ​​beauty and anti-aging. These include radiant face topicals, ultra-hydrating eye serums, hydrating vitamin compounds, and silky lip gloss, among others.

Each MaXXa product uses a carefully selected combination of natural and organic cosmetic ingredients. As already noted, the most important of these is the inclusion of hemp oil. This ancient ingredient has long been associated with treat skin conditionsincluding dryness, itching, acne, aging and wrinkles.

Between its combination of powerful ingredients and the targeted design of each product, MaXXa empowers consumers to take control of their skincare regimen. From face creams to lip balms and beyond, the hemp brand takes cosmetics and skincare to the next level.

About Allied Corp.: Allied Corp is an international health and wellness company dedicated to helping people treat real-world illnesses with cannabinoid health solutions. The company is dedicated to using an evidence-based scientific approach that includes cutting-edge pharmaceutical research and development. Over the years, Allied has developed a trio of brands – Maxxa, Equilibrium Bio, and Tactical Relief LLC – that offer a variety of hemp-based solutions covering cosmetics, physical recovery, and mental health, respectively. Learn more about Allied Corp and its related brands at

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Donovan B. Sanford