Meet the luxury perfume brand, Perfumehead

With over 25 years of beauty experience with prestigious makeup and skincare brands, such as Too Faced, Benefit Cosmetics and Peace Out Skincare, creativity and innovation have never been a problem for Daniel Giles. This is all the more reason why the ideation of her soon to be launched perfume brand Perfumehead came naturally.

Perfumehead is a luxury fragrance collection of seven perfume extracts that leaves the most fragrance compounds and lasts longer than an eau de parfum. “I start the process by building a personal museum of smells. Anything and everything can play into the process,” exclaims Giles. “I start by diving deep and doing a ton of research; sort through a myriad of things that inspire me – movies, music, magazines, books and colors; people and places; pop culture, poetry, decor and art. Everything becomes a melting pot of ideas fueling the emotion that I want to evoke with perfume.

After seeing the “film” in my head, I can start writing the olfactory script, romanticizing the story and translating the images and words into families and notes for French perfumers (who are the real geniuses behind the perfumes. ) Giles said in a press release. The brand’s fragrances are rooted in self-expression, androgyny and sensuality, with a sophisticated and sexy appeal. With names like “Canadian Tuxedo,” a Lana Del Rey-inspired floral fragrance that features notes of cedarwood, orange blossom, and coriander, your olfactory senses will be transcended on a cosmic journey.

While we don’t have a release date for the planned collection, stay tuned as we bring you official updates on Perfumehead’s inaugural release.

Donovan B. Sanford