New Whitney Houston Albums, Fragrance And Cosmetics Lines And More To Launch In 2023 Celebrating Her 60th Birthday, Estate Confirms

Besides possessing arguably the greatest voice to ever touch a microphone, whitney houstonThe impact of spanned many areas beyond music, including film, fashion, philanthropy and pop culture in general – a feat that hasn’t changed even ten years after his passing.

To ingest this fact, pat houston – the executor of the pop icon’s estate – has announced plans to roll out a multi-faceted campaign in 2023 to celebrate the extent of the diva’s influence.

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Featured in the pages of the latest Billboard magazine, Pat spoke at length about her partnership with music publishing and marketing extraordinaires primary wave and their journey to a lifelong interest in the Whitney brand.

His decision to give the band ownership of 50% of Whitney’s assets (including publishing, master recording revenue, name, likeness and trademark) has proven lucrative in just three years since forming. of their bond. Not only does Primary Wave boast of having quadrupled the value of the singer’s estate, but it plans to increase those earnings even further with a series of projects that will bring the ‘I will Always Love You’ the artist’s mark returns to the fore.

Having already scored a touchdown with Whitney Houston’s on-tour hologram, the next set of releases includes a fragrance line, a MAC Cosmetics contract and several books. Most famously, the pop icon’s life story will be told via a highly anticipated biopic, ‘I want to dance with someone,’ scheduled for December (click here to see the trailer).

“For 30 years of Whitney’s career it was all about music – it was all she wanted to do, and it wasn’t until a few years before she passed that we started thinking about her brand beyond music”, Pat said. “The kinds of marks we’re looking for are the kinds of marks Whitney would have gone through if she was here.”

As if the film, fragrance and cosmetics projects weren’t enough, longtime Whitney fans can also expect unreleased music to hit digital shelves in 2023.

As we previously reported, two new albums – a live set and a Gospel LP – will be released next year, as will a Broadway musical based on his life.

All of the projects are not only aimed at giving consumers a multi-dimensional view of the legendary singer, but also at celebrating what would have been her 60th birthday and ensuring that the more negative aspects of her life never overshadow her immense talent and its impact.

“With everything going on right now, she’s still touching lives, and that’s what I want to do in a very positive way,” Pat says. “She should be remembered by her music and the work she has done in the community, not her relationships. And the fact that all of these things are happening proves it. It’s a clear path with no distractions to keep things happening for his legacy.

Click here to read Pat’s full chat with Billboard.

[photo courtesy: Billboard magazine]

Donovan B. Sanford