Nintendo Switch Sports: How to unlock cosmetics and hairstyles

Nintendo Switch Sports lets you customize your characters with a wide range of cosmetics and hairstyles. There are a ton of clothes and accessories available, but you’ll need to unlock them first. Here’s how to get your hands on cool cosmetics and hairstyles in Nintendo Switch Sports.

How to Unlock Cosmetics in Nintendo Switch Sports

You can only unlock cosmetics by choosing Play mode globally. This will match you with other players online so you can play sports with other people. If you don’t have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, you can still play this mode, but the game will pit you against AI-controlled robots.

Cosmetics are unlocked by earning points. At 100 points, you will unlock a random cosmetic reward. Even though it’s random, you can still choose from the available styles to decide which set of cosmetics you want to claim your reward. For example, you can choose the cute collection or the simple collection to have more control over your character’s style.


How to earn points fast

Playing matches is obviously the best way to earn points, but some sports are more effective than others. Just playing a match of any sport will earn you between 30 and 40 points, and you can earn point multipliers by playing well during the match. Winning a bowling strike will earn you a multiplier, for example. You can stack multipliers to rack up a ton of points in a single match if you play your cards right.

Bowling is the best sport to earn points. You’ll earn a base 40 points per bowling game, and it’s very easy to earn multipliers by getting strikes and spares. You should be able to clear 100 points almost every time as long as you are semi-proficient at bowling.


How to spend points on cosmetics and hairstyles

As mentioned above, you will earn a random cosmetic reward once you reach 100 points. There are a few sets of cosmetics you can choose from. You cannot choose exactly which item you will receive.

Cosmetic sets also rotate from time to time. For example, the simple collection will leave the game on May 10, and the cute collection will disappear on May 18. They will be replaced by new cosmetic groups, but don’t worry if you miss them. They will most likely return in the future.

Nintendo Switch Sports is now available on Nintendo Switch.

Donovan B. Sanford