Nomuzi Mabena becomes creative director of the new fragrance Finesse de Drip

  • The Drip Group ventured into the beauty industry by launching a line of fragrances.
  • Nomuzi ‘Moozlie’ Mabena has been revealed as the fragrance’s creative director.
  • She tells us how exciting the role of creative director is for her.

On Tuesday evening April 12, 2022, The Drip Group, founded by businessman Lekau Sehoana, announced its foray into the beauty industry. The launch of their Finesse by Drip fragrance comes in two luxury scents: Arion for him and Ruby for her.

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At the grand launch, which took place at Imbizo Shisanyama in Lekau’s hometown of Tembisa, it was revealed that one of Drip Footwear’s ambassadors, musician and TV personality Nomuzi ‘Moozlie’ Mabena, is the creative director of the fragrance.

Perfume Finesse by Drip Ruby. (Photo: Desire Seko/ Supplied to TRUELOVE).

Speaking to TRUELOVE at the event, Moozlie said the role of Creative Director has been an exciting experience for her.

“My role as creative director is to be the intermediary between telling the story of the talent and that of the brand because I have the impression that sometimes these two stories can get lost in the water. So what I did was help the brand create the look and feel of the fragrances,” she explains.

“Lekau had already found the names of the scents and already knew what he wanted them to smell like, but he needed me to bring it all to life. I then helped him put together a production team of really amazing content creators like Austin Malema who worked on the video, DJ Zinhle and Murdah Bongz who are the faces, stylists and set up the shoot as well as the visuals and everything else. ,” she says.

the Asibabasabi hit-maker says being an independent artist had prepared her for this moment.

Finesse by Drip ARION. (Photo: Desire Seko/ Supplied to TRUELOVE).

“I feel like being an independent artist has helped me have a special understanding of that role. I already know what it’s like to build your own brand from scratch and I understand that on a brand as Moozlie the artist but also as Moozlie the company Lekau is a brand guy and I just feel like I’m the mediator making sure his vision speaks to people what this project should achieve,” she adds.

Having discovered that being a creative director is something she loves and excels at, Moozlie says she is looking forward to working for other brands and reveals that she recently signed a contract with DJ company Zinhle as creative director.

“I just signed the contract to be the official creative director of DJ Zinhle’s Era, which I’m very excited about. The launch of Finesses by Drip was also a success and Lekau wants me to work on other projects, including Soulmates, which is the second silhouette released by Drip. It’s exciting and I did it and it’s time we made it official,” she concludes.

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By giving the rapper this opportunity, Lekau says he saw the potential she had.

“We started working with Moozlie for in-store appearances, but I noticed the talent she has because, look, I didn’t go to business school but someone gave me a luck. So I also believe in that and I can spot talent from a distance. I noticed that she’s very creative and I saw that in her when we were filming and she was directing people on how to taking pictures and all that. I then asked her to come to the office and discussed her as the creative director for that and she agreed,” he says.

“I also wanted to work with DJ Zinhle because she has a very own brand and she resonates with the powerful nature of the bottle. I feel like our marks are lining up and after looking for a face, the only person we could identify is Zinhle. With Murdah Bongz, he is with Zinhle and they tell this perfect love story that we want perfumes to tell too. We had to persuade him because we also appreciate how forward-thinking he is and what he stands for,” continues Lekau.

Lekau Sehoana and Moozlie. (Photo: Desire Seko/ Supplied to TRUELOVE).

Venturing into the beauty industry was a no-brainer for the businessman who believes in breaking boundaries.

“Most people would expect Drip, which started as a sneaker line, to expand into apparel and fashion, but it was an obvious choice and we wanted to see what else we could expand into. to tap into to break down boundaries. So we looked at cosmetics and thought it would be a good idea to add that finishing touch to the outfit that people wear and therefore to the perfume. That’s how the idea was born,” he explains.

Lekau, who was closely involved in developing the scents, says the women’s scent, RUBY, was the brainchild of his late business partner Glenda Ndlanzi, who was murdered in November 2021.

“Glenda and I were inseparable and we were often called Mickie and Minnie mouse because we did everything together and built the business together. She chose the feminine scent because it resonated with her and it was powerful and bold. I chose the masculine and wanted it to feel expensive and inspiring. I was very [involved] in the development and came up with the bottle design as well as the name,” he shares.

On what the future of the Drip Group looks like, Lekau says the company has a lot to offer its consumers.

“We will soon announce the businesses we have acquired. We have quite a few local brands that we are going to develop. Drip Footwear is an organization that can be an example for other brands and show them what we can do for them and this is what the future looks like at Drip,” he concludes.

Finesse by Drip ARION and RUBY will be available for purchase at select Drop stores from April 14, 2022, and online. A bottle sells for R600.

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Donovan B. Sanford