R&D’s Time to Shine: C&T Announces Allē Award Finalists

The Cosmetics and toiletries (C&T) All prices will shine a spotlight on behind-the-scenes ingenuity in cosmetics and personal care R&D at an exclusive awards dinner, to be held on September 28, 2022, at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York (co-located with Beauty Accelerate). Innovations ranging from cosmetic ingredients and product formulas to digital technologies and testing methods will have time to shine.

“This, our first year of Alleswas an intense process,” said Rachel Grabenhofer, Science Editor, Cosmetics and toiletries. “There were many very close notes, within a few points,” she added. “For this reason, in the coming weeks, once we have gathered all the relevant information, we will share the judges’ comments anonymously with all participants. We hope this provides constructive criticism; but also know that the competition was really so fierce.”

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Congratulations to all the finalists! Each application was subjected to a thorough review by several members of our esteemed jury and evaluated on several parameters to reach a total score. Here are the shortlists of finalists (in random order) – winners will be announced at the awards dinner on September 28. We hope you will join us!

Active ingredients

  • Rahn S.A. – Myramaze-Essence, Radicare-Eco and Pure Defense (3 categories)
  • Lubrizol- Argireline Amplified Peptide
  • Vitalab Srl – Ascending Gravity Vita
  • Shiny Brands Group Co., Ltd. – FRSAB
  • Givaudan Active Beauty – Patchoul’up
  • Croda Inc. – Nutrivent Balance
  • IFF—Lucas Meyer Cosmeticsdendricclair
  • Seppic- Hydrachrysum
  • Geltor- Elastapur
  • Life Sciences Synergy – CannaSorb CB-Active
  • DSM Personal Care – Quality Vitamin B12
  • Solence- Kléair
  • Evonik Corp. – Sphinox Defense
  • EverCare- Ensure+
  • Premium Organic – Alpine Heilmoor Extract

Basic ingredients

  • Vantage Personal Care – Liponate Jojoba 20
  • Kumar Organic Products Ltd. – Kopester IDO
  • Miyoshi America, Inc. – Miyo Haze White
  • Applechem, Inc. – Applemol PTIS Plus
  • P2 Science, Inc. – Citropol H Green Chemistry Cosmetic Polymer
  • Dow Consumer Solutions – HydroxyShield Polymer
  • Biosynthetic technologies – BioEstolide 250
  • Presper- GreenDiol
  • INOLEX- Lexgard MHG Natural MB
  • Nourion- Solamaze Natural Film Forming Agent
  • Dow- SunSpheres Bio SPF Long-lasting Booster for Sun Protection

Claims testing method/tool

  • Sequential Bio – Microbiome friendly test
  • XCellR8 – Softness test
  • Evonik Corp. – SimDerma platform

Digital technology/application

  • Edit – Aedit iOS App
  • Golden USA, LLC – Golden
  • Croda Inc. – SenStories selection tool

Finished Formula—Indie

  • Clean O2 Carbon Capture Technologies Inc. – CleanO2 soaps
  • Codex Laboratories – Codex Labs Antu Brightening Serum
  • i-On by Dr. Xi – i-On Anti-Aging Skin Cream
  • Raaka’s world – Blossoming Scalp Serum
  • Sage and ylang redefine beauty – Sage and Ylang Microbiome Series
  • Tosla- Premium collagen formulation with Velious masking technology
  • Roccoco Botanicals – Ruby Crystal Cleanser

Finished Formula—Mass

  • Good Chemistry – Good Chemistry Fragrance Collection
  • FusionPkg Beauty Lab – De-stressing multitasking beauty broth
  • Abeytu’ Naturals by Shaman Productions – Abeytu’ Naturals Anti-Aging Sublingual
  • Univar Solutions – Irresistible Satin Lip Cream
  • DECIEM – The Ordinary – Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA for Scalp
  • Winnox Cosmeceutics Sdn Bhd, an R&D entity of Wipro – SOS Recovery Serum with NeuroBiome Technology
  • Shiny Brands Group Co., Ltd. – B3 Acne Solution
  • SNF Personal Care – Cold saponified mineral SPF 50+

Finished Formula—Prestige

  • DermaRx Laboratories Pte., Ltd. – Derma-Rx Max-C
  • Opulus Beauty Laboratories – The OPULUS Beauty Labs Starter System
  • NuSkin- Beauty Focus Collagen+
  • Lashliner, Inc. – Magnetude Magnetic Eyeliner
  • Nutrafol- Nutrafol Growth Activator
  • Skin of Orpheus – Resurrection Bio-Luminous Dewy Essence
  • Symbiome- The only restorative cream
  • cosmax inc. – Centella Asiatica Cica Multibalm
  • Amway Corp. – Artistic Skin Nutrition Science

Donovan B. Sanford