Rituals Cosmetics relaunches its collection | International Trade & Leisure

Rituals Cosmetics has relaunched its Eau de Parfum collection, introducing The Iconic Collection.

With an enhanced design, sustainably curated and inspired by the precious ingredients found in the world’s most iconic and ancient destinations, the perfumers at Rituals have masterfully crafted an exclusive collection of exquisite fragrances to inspire and delight.

Rituals believe that fragrance enriches your life, adding an extra special touch to experiences and soothing the soul with a unique complexity. Scents can be very emotional and evocative; influence your mood and emotions, evoke long forgotten memories, or simply something that comforts us, with scents that make us happy, calm, joyful and confident. The Iconic Collection invites travelers to follow in the footsteps of the world’s best perfumers and join them on a rich and adventurous olfactory expedition.

Elise Benat, Perfumer at Firmenich, the largest private fragrance and taste company in the world, explains: “I am inspired daily by the fragrances that surround me and working on this project with Rituals was a great experience because it is a brand that is centered on the importance of ancient olfactory traditions and olfactory memories created through everyday moments. It’s nice to create fragrances with that in mind and that are meant to make the wearer feel happy and confident.

Donovan B. Sanford