Skin care tips by BLACKPINK Girls to get that natural glow

If you know anything about current beauty trends, know that the popularity of K-beauty and skincare is reaching new heights with every passing day. The reason is that people are going gaga over that glass skin and we totally understand the hype because it means your skin is healthy, smooth, hydrated and blemish-free. Well, if we talk about glass skin, we have to mention the most popular Korean celebrities in the South Korean entertainment industry – members of K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK, who are blessed with a beautiful glowing skin. It’s true that the girls are exceptionally beautiful and there’s no doubt that it’s the result of a good diet and a good skincare routine that we’d like to steal from them. And if you want to look as beautiful as Lisa, Jennie, Rosé and Jisoo, you need to follow these skin care tips shared by the girls. Get that glow, baby!

Here are some skincare tips from BLACKPINK Girls to get that natural glow!

Well, I admit that I often forget to remove my makeup properly because I’m lazy and I just like to lie on my bed after an exhausting day. But I know it’s not good for my skin. Singer Rosé believes that cleansing your face is extremely important. No matter how tired she is, the “On The Ground” singer never forgets to gently remove her makeup and wash her face thoroughly because she thinks it’s an important part of taking good care of herself and us. couldn’t agree more.

It goes without saying that we all like to experiment with new products. However, Rosé likes to be consistent and sticks to products that suit her skin type, it’s a very nice skincare tip that we would all like to follow, to be honest!

Like all K-beauty lovers, rapper of K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK – Jennie loves the concept of daily masking. The gorgeous K-Pop idol once revealed that she used two face masks a day to improve her skin, but quickly revealed that a good healthy diet was also important. After that she reduced the use of face masks and started improving her diet and you actually see the results. Jennie also mentioned that she drinks plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated and regularly drinks a glass of detox juice made from fresh fruits and vegetables. We want the detox juice recipe, Kim Jennie!

Jisoo keeps a small amount of makeup in her makeup bag because she likes to focus more on skincare than makeup. The K-Pop idol once revealed that she suffers from dry skin and uses face masks at least 2-3 times a day to combat it. Now we know why her skin is so beautiful and plump.

BLACKPINK member Jisoo also likes to give his lips some love. After wearing lipstick all day, the snowdrops star likes to exfoliate her lips and then apply lip balm.

The maknae and BLACKPINK rapper – Lisa suffers from dry skin and I know it’s kinda shocking but she has a simple solution and it all revolves around our favorite skincare product and that is moisturizer. At night, she uses a moisturizer and allows her skin to absorb it well while she sleeps. Another skincare tip from Lisa is to use a facial massager after applying moisturizer to your face. She even carries a handy face massager on her travels. It’s a philosophy we can all adopt to achieve that glowing skin.

Now that you know some of the most important skincare tips from BLACKPINK girls, it’s time to shine!

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