Take notes from TWICE Jeongyeon for your hair and skin care

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Jeongyeon seems to object to the concept of cosmetics in general. Although the majority of the TWICE members seem bold with their eye makeup, the singer is wary of trying new things. She prefers to go on stage with her face uncovered.

Jeongyeon detailed her flawless hair and skincare beauty routine in a vlog she posted after her incredible performance on the US tour.

She described her skin and hair care routine before bed. But first, make sure your hair is tied back, then start by washing your face with cleansing oil, like she did. She cleaned her face with cleansing milk after the oil and then wiped it with water. We must note the fact that she uses cleansing milk as the key to achieving flawless skin. She then stepped away from the screen to wipe her face and apply moisturizer. Upon her return, she gave ONCE a glimpse of her gorgeous bare face. It was about her skin care, a simple and quick technique to achieve such beautiful skin.

Jeongyeon then turned her attention to her hair. She sprayed her freshly washed hair with a generous amount of hair essence, focusing on the ends. She emphasized the need to focus on the ends, because most of us don’t. Jeongyeon bangs on her hair after applying hair essence. It is essential to note that the hair must be dried completely with a hair dryer as this will lead to better absorption of the essence of the hair. She combed her hair and blew it lightly to add volume, which was the end of her routine.

This is how with so few products and such basic processes, Jeongyeon demonstrated a simple routine to achieve this type of skin. The flawless skin that everyone admires is now easy to achieve thanks to the simple routine that Jeongyeon presented.

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Donovan B. Sanford