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Autumn brings many joys as it puts on a sensible jacket and slips on – shady leaves crunching underfoot, sweaters of every description imaginable, and terrible, huge pumpkin-themed Americana coffees. which have nothing at all like pumpkin. It’s the real New Year, at least for beauty lovers, as we see our summer makeup and skincare suddenly become redundant by transforming light and temperatures. The demands on a pure summer foundation in the cooler, lower glow of autumn turn out to be too high, and when the heating continues for the first time, the skin always seems to react as if suddenly existentially threatened. Like our wardrobes, our treatments have to compensate by becoming a little more robust and soothing.

The body often needs moisture first, so incorporating a good moisturizer will help prevent itchy and flaky legs, as will continuing body care throughout the winter, even as we we can hide the well cocooned dry limbs in pantyhose and pants. Body care brand Sanctuary Spa has gotten a makeover and glamorously hit the shelves just in time for fall. Ruby Oud Natural Oils Body Butter with Melting Pearls (€15 at Boots) appeals to both fragrance lovers and those who appreciate a rich, winter-friendly body cream.

I always turn to a little more coverage when fall sets in. Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Glowing Concealer (30 € at Brown Thomas) is as reliable as I expect from Tilbury products. It delivers shine, great coverage and lasting power, plus a creamy texture that flatters fall skin rather than migrating in fluctuating temperatures. I like it best when applied with a damp sponge, although a brush or fingers work too.

With the dip in natural light that fall inevitably brings, it can become more difficult to bring some light reflection and sparkle to your makeup look. elf Cosmetics Halo Glow Liquid Filter (€15 at Boots) went viral for a reason. This product is similar to a much more expensive and best selling skin filter for under makeup. While deliberate product dupes aren’t the most ethical way for brands to profit, and usually don’t turn out to be the affordable twins of the pricey bestsellers they market themselves as, this product makes a work similar to that which it imitates.

The best possible way to signal and mark seasonal changes in beauty is with a change in scent. Suddenly, the warm, jammy fig scent I’ve been wearing all summer feels inappropriate and slightly obscene, like wearing cut-off jeans and sneakers to a wedding. If you’re intimidated by the thought of changing perfumes, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. The classic Jo Malone London English Pear and Freesia (from €62 at Brown Thomas) comes in a special-edition fluted bottle, and remains the smart girl’s transitional scent. Freesia retains something of the summery lightness as fall approaches, but tangy, juicy, crisp pear wrapped in warm amber and wood invites cooler weather.

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Trilogy Botanical Shower Gel (21 € in pharmacies all over the country)

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